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When somebody rings our bell, Yorkshire terrier IKE is tomfooling like a crazy. It is jumping, running, yapping like a fool. We were always wonder, what IKE thought of the ring, was it displeasing for IKE? No, it is conversely, we already know IKE is saying „Yipeeee“ and is happy. - click here to learn more about it .



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2002-05-07 – My Birthday
On Tuesday 7th May I have celebrated my birthday. Who was invited? My Lord and Lady of course, I got three sponge-biscuits and that was all about a celebration J. I am going to celebrate my birthday with my fella Miles from a village.

May 21st - my toys ! ! ! (yorkshire terrier favorit toys and puppy)

I have decided to show you the collection of my toys today. The toys are placed descendingly according to the scale of popularity. It means than the most popular toy is placed on the first position and less popular toys are placed in the end of line. (Notice: I have fret into Kennyīs eyes and Pluto is without his forepows). Each toy is possible to blow up.


May 3rd 2002 - i do not like classical music (does yorkshire terrier like?)

Once I was laying on the ottoman in the living room and listening to the MTV - the music channel. I was at ease as usual because they played my favourite (Kylie Minogue, Craig David etc.) And I stared at my Lord who took the TV driver when they play my favourite song and switch the channel over to some "Nikita" or thereabouts. There was played some terribly slow music that is called "classic" in human world. I couldnīt stand it and had to run over the flat with my head slopped down to the floor, I tried to hide myself under pillows and carpet not to listen to that horror…

March 3rd 2002 - it is spring finally outside (yorkshire terrier lady)

Since it is better weather outside day by day, my Lady had ordered me in hairdresserīs. When I had came to the beauty shop, some madam had taken me under my body and had started to do her business. My hair had fallen down so quickly that I could say nothing. All cutting had seemed very curious to me. Lady hairdresser had shuttled over my body with rummy gadget, which sounded very strangely. I had expressed my displeasure out all the time by mad grumbling which had been work for nothing. When I growled to Lady hairdresser, she caught me under my neck and very narrowly said: "You tiny will growl to me?" And how the beauty shop action got through you can see in my photo-gallery.

November 10, 2001- Iīve got a kennel (yorkshire terrier small kennel)

It was field day on Saturday, my Lords brought very brand new lovely kennel for me. It looks like catīs one, cause in fact it is, but why it couldnīt be a kennel for me, well I am such a small tom-cat. But back to the kennel, it is so lovely that I rather donīt stay in and sleep still in a bed with my Lords and I have brought all of my toys, bones, sponge-biscuits etc. to my kennel.

October 26th, 2001 - Roll-collar (yorkshire terrier clothes)

Oh, crickey! Itīs so cold. I started to go to football with my Lady on Saturdays again, I am so cold. So my Lady has decided to buy some warm clothes for me. Last year I dressed up the "dollīs jumper" of so terrible colours, so I didnīt wear it rather. Now I wear beautiful dark (black) roll-collar from my neck to tail, just a scrub sticks me out. It is nice and soft and it doesnīt matter that I wear it. That is why I can recommend to all yorkīs Ladies to buy this roll-collar to their darlings - this very day.

September 12, 2001 - Dominica (small sweet yorkie girlfriend)

During my walk around our old flat I met my life love Dominica. I was so joyful, so I skipped around her as a little boy. Dominica was pretended she did not see me because I was terribly cut and unkempt. She proposed me to come for a visit and her Lady will cut me well. I can not wait to see her.
September 7th, 2001 - I was working again today
When my Lord came back from work in the evening, he started to fuss as usual and I would like to help him. I was watching him all the time while he was working in his room to assist him occasionally. I didnīt wait not even 10 minutes when my Lord took off the screwdriver. I took it without hesitation and pelt to the bedroom where our bed grates. My Lord took it away from me but in a few minutes it repeated again - with small hammer. I couldnīt run with hammer so fast and my Lord laugh down to me.

August 30th, 2001 - Bed at last (a huge yorkshire terrier kennel)

The brand new bed was brought today. I hope I will sleep on properly now. I am just getting into a new flat. It is very difficult for me to catch warped toy on parquets and laminate floor than on a carpet. I have to calculate when start to brake when I am running for warped toy to avoid unpleasant collision with a chair like yesterday.
August 7th, 2001 - I work
All Monday and Tuesday I was asking my Lady for sewing new dungarees for me not to be dusty and dirty. My Lord and Lady had bought new flat last week and now they rebuild it completely. You can imagine how I looked like when my Lord was digging in the bathroom and I was barking to him all the time. I looked like a dusty ball.
21.07. 2001 - Mirror
I was very nervous all Saturday because of one wall at home where I had seen another doggie and some unknown people there. They had been walking around our flat and I was yapping from midday till late afternoon. My Lady had tried to quite me down but I hadnīt stop because I wanted to save her against these intruders in our flat.
17.07. 2001 - Web site visit
From 2.2. 2001 to 17.07. 2001 1614 visitors have visited my web sites (yippee!)
06.07. 2001 - Swimming pool
It was terrible heat on Thursday and my Lord and Lady had decided to take me along to swimming pool in Uvalno. You can not imagine how many people were there. The best was that my Lord jumped into some large bath and for a few seconds he completely disappeared under the water. I had been playing with a ball for whole afternoon. I was so concentrated to playing that I did not notice another two Yorkshires in the swimming pool.
01.07. 2001 - The Cue
My Lady took me into the bathroom on Sunday, brought scissors and I guessed what happen. I was quite satisfied with cutting but when I looked into the mirror, I had almost haemorrhage - she snipped my cue.

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